Forum Expert

Is the whole forum expert thing over now because it has been almost a year since one was named?


No. The forums have just gone down the toilet and no one is worthy of being a Forum Expert anymore.

Well, apparently you’ve never seen a bad forum.

You have never seen a garbage forum.

Count your lucky stars.

I don’t think you are talking about this forum are ya? Because this one is still my favorite and the best forum out there.

As far as general vibe, this is one of the better forums I’ve been on. Most of the other forums have been product/vendor support and they are mixed, often hostile.

The American DJ one and Elation ones are two others I use frequently. I prefer the software they are using there.

Again, this one has one of the better user groups. I don’t see a lot of fighting and crap.

There’s generally a good vibe on these forums. The forum expert title is still there and will be awarded to people who put a lot of effort into making YYE a better place.

Okay I still prefer yye forums to any other forum out there

Counts me out!!!

It will probably happen over time. Just wait, someone will probably be chosen.

I’ve seen a garbage forum. Beleive me! Mods peofile pick: him sticking his middle finger up, and every thing was black so it was hard to read.

lol, what a mod. Good thing the mods here keep this forum clean.

;D We do our best.

icthus we actually like the mods here you guys are really freindly

gizzyo! gizzyo! gizzyo!


Forum Experts do their job, but the mods know much about yoyos as well. With both the mods and experts, I think they do a great job with this forum.

I agree with the fact that YYE boards are very good forums. And I’ve been working in forums (I used to be a forum admin for a living a few years ago and still a heavy user, sometimes mod, sometimes admin as for today)

there was one issue with a mod, and I think it was taken care of

The thing is, there seems to be more teens and younger people around lately, which usually requires extra attention from the mods.

But they’re doing a great job, the forum is far from “down the toilet”, some improvements could be made on several levels, but it’s a pretty decent forum as for today. And the core users are of high quality.

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this forum blows other forums i’ve been at out of the water, others always have trolls that seem to have nothing better to do than to irritate everyone else on the forum…and in my opinion if experts were named every month the site would soon be flooded with them and then it really wouldn’t be a title worthy of respect at that pont. Me personally I dont think I’d like being named an expert, I really dont like having all kinds of attention centered on me…