Return of the forum eXperts! Congrats to mrcnja!!!

We are bringing the forum eXpert recognition award back to YoYoExpert!

Yes - it has been a long time but is needed as there are a lot of people who have been strong helpers in the forum making it the amazing resource and community it is today! We thank each and everyone of you who have contributed.

A big change. We feel rather then naming one every month we are going to call it when we see it. When we feel that we have found an individual showcasing these characteristics in their posts and writing deserving of recognition we will name a new expert. It is not necessarily the person with the “most” posts - remember quality over quantity here.

This means that it may not happen every month - or it may happen more then once a month. We take feedback from current forum experts and moderators in making this decision.

And without further adieu… Our first new forum eXpert using this process is…


Read his profile on the forums expert page by clicking his name!

Congrats to mrcnja and we look forward to naming many more this year!

Remember we want to support those that take that extra effort to help others, who take the time to write legible posts, and take the time to research information and properly present it in their forum posts. These are the kind of people that help you with a trick instead of telling you to search for it yourself. These are the kind of people that post a video as an example or give encouragement and advice.

yah!! congrats mrcnja. He deserves it.

Congrats Mrcnja! You REALLY deserved it; You have been a great help to this forum.

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congratz dude you really do help the forums a lot :).


Congratulations mrcnja! You really do reserve it for all the help you’ve done on the forums!


What? You have got to be kidding me! How in the world cold you make HIM an Expert?

I kid. It was an easy pick for me. I mean how could he not be an Expert eh?

Well done Jason. Keep it up Brother.

Congratulations mrcnja!

You really deserve it, you always help out on the forums.

I’m actually disappointed in this choice… I would have thought him to go straight to mod… :slight_smile:

Congrats mcrnja!


Congratulations mrcnja! You deserved it! All of your post were helpful and meaningful! You really deserved it! ;D :slight_smile:


Yay!!! Though yes… I could’a seen instant mod as well… Good job pal! You’ve been a great addition to the forums!


Oh Yah! ;D

Congrats man! You deserve it.

Apparently your alias is Paolo. :wink: (Referring to typo)

This is awesome yes.

In speaking of which, i haven’t seen him around lately, is he on vacation?

Congrats, sorry I didn’t see this post earlier though! :smiley:

Totally deserves it

What took this so long?