Format:C or Sleipnir?

So guys I’m looking into a performance throw after being out of the community and throwing as a whole for the past year or so. After picking up some of my old throws: Benchmark H, Yelets, Summit, Puffin 1 & 2, Avalanche, Quake, and Y Factor, I’ve realized that I need something that feels like it is throwing me. My skills have somehow improved because as my mind matured in the past year tricks seem more simple in my head instead of confusing the daylights out of me. I would really appreciate your help, advice, and wisdom in my quest for Yoyo performance supremacy. I’ve become quite set on the Yoyorecreation Sleipnir and the One Drop Format:C. Both are large and light and composed of 7075 grade Aluminium. I would like your honest opinions and advice to help me choose between these two fantastic chunks of metal.


Sleipnir but valor is also good.

Format C is the american sleipnir. It’s very good but all around the sleipnir feels faster, a touch floatier and more refined. I’d go sleipnir all day.

I have never tried the Sleipnir, but I love my Format: C. But the Valor s like a billion Times better than the Format: C, so just get a Valor!