For Trade:YYF,SPYY,AULDEY,YYJ,DIF// Want Superstars & others

  • near mint. only a small mark, not a ding
  • smooth

PICS SOON for these!!!

I have a mint red pistolero. It is from the first run which has one of the best beadblast finishes evaaaar. it plays super smooth and is one awesome yoyo. plus its pretty rare and is a beauty. would trade for 2 non-mint or mint superstars

Blue genesis is next. it has scuffs all over the rims but no dings. it plays pretty smooth maybe a slight vibe. it plays great though. it just isnt my cup of tea

Auldey Virus- this thing is super awesome and it plays insanely smooth. has a great finish and nice binds. shape takes a little to get used to but its great.

the last is a dif-e-yo tank. it was my first try at a dif and i must say impressed. it is insanely smooth and s[ins great. comes with a kk bearing

Wants: condish isnt an issue
Superstars pretty much(beadblasted preferred)
Split decision

X-Convict with a KK bearing and silicone? For the first yoyo or the genesis