LF: Pistolero; FT/FS DV888, Werrd and more

Hey guys, I’ve really been wanting to buy a SPYY Pistolero for the longest time.
I’d be willing to trade some of my collection for it, plus cashey money.

My Collection:

YYF DV888– Anno defects, B-Grade. Green. Plays really well!

Werrd TFL 88 Delorean (Satined)– Great spin times, a couple of dings. Great Great GREAT Player guys!

Henry’s Lizard–This is a cheap Toys ‘R’ Us yoyo, it has rubber for rims, it’s an okay throw, really for somebody who wants to get a begginer started.

YYJ X-Convict– No caps, satined rims, really smooth player, GREAT FOR GRINDS.

YYJ Eneme– This is my newest throw, it’s really nice, in near mint shape.

YYJ Dark Magic- This is my beater, pretty good shape actually, mediocre satin job on the rims, still plays great!

    Now remember guys, I want to trade more than sell, but will consider all offers.  PISTOLERO (Beta) IS A PRIORITY OFFER.   

             OFFER UP GUYS!!!


C’mon guys! Offer anything!

Bump bump bump it up

go to my pyro light page maybe u like what u see for ur eneme


How much for the Eneme?

I only have two yoyos which are:
Fast 201
Blue Protostar.

I just started yoyoing a week ago and I’m not good but I just want the Eneme.


$65+ Shipping?

What color is the X-Convict?
Also can you provide pics?

PM me

Eneme Pending

DV888 pending!
Offer up boys/girls


$45 for dv888