for those who own protostars...


…I have a couple of questions.
Ive been backing up Legacys in the “legacy vs protostar” fights for a while now, but recently ive been wanting to try one.
couple o questions

  • Are the axles removable?

  • Do some have the weird vibe like most of the counter attacks did?

  • how hard is it to remove the spacers?

  • Does it get vibe, from being dropped, easily?

  • has there been any cracking issues with them?

Yeah that bout sums them up

any help would be appreciated!



  1. I haven’t tried it, but I’m pretty sure they are
  2. Yes, but if you line up the halves with a little arrow there is, it gets smoother
  3. Not too hard, just need pliers
  4. No. I’ve dropped mine a billion times while doing 5A
  5. No. I’ve dropped mine a billion times while doing 5A


they are so ive heard but the axle will not come out by hand. and ve noticed with my protostar if i lined up my arrows i would be overtightening it. havent messed with the spacers. as for gaining any vibe from being dropped or cracking…i have yet to notice any and ive dropped it bunches. And yes it does have a small vibe out of the box but not uber noticable