For those that need some more 2A help.

(Jei Cheetah) #1
New 2A site!

Much help and info for everything 2A!

As well as many 2A freestyles!

I am putting many new tuts up weekly so check it out!

There are not many 2A players left anymore, and I want the 2A community to grow again, so check out the site, and learn 2A!

Good luck!

J. :slight_smile:


Woah! Josh, thats awesome!

André, see how helpful he is on his first day?! cough eXpert cough


Sup Josh! Nice to have you on our forums!! Love your tut’s on Chris’ site!! :smiley:


That isn’t new (the site, that is)! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great site, though, Josh.


nice to see you here Jayyo.
I have four questions.
#1. did you create that website?
#2. what do you use for 2A?
#3. will you do a For those that need some more 3A help?
#4. how did you learn your 3A?

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Yes I created it.

I use modded raiders

if enough people want it, SURE!

I learned my 3A by watching Jun Aramakis freestyles from 05 and before, his stuff is easy to understand and nice for inspiration.

J. :slight_smile:


well, if you don’t make a 3A topic could you please PM me some stuff to help?


andre is helpful


Yeah, but its nice to have more then one resource. Plus this site acts for just 2a.

Thanks Josh, I might try to get into 2a :wink:


If you want to generate interest in your site, why don’t you first answer the post of that guy who wants to know which yo-yo to buy? It is already 3 weeks old.


??¿¿?¿¿ What the heck are you saying? Just put a link here. And the guy probably already got a yoyo, since its 3 weeks old.


Go over there and see if you can find it yourself, shankapotamus.

                          (HINT: THERE ARE ONLY 2 POSTS IN THE FORUM)

Right, as in too late. People are generally interested in forums where they can get an answer as promised. If everybody who goes there sees the dude can’t even be bothered to answer his first post, why should anyone else care to participate?

I’d answer it anyway, I don’t care how how old it is.


Okay just tell me where the post is (HINT: This means: To supply a link). And I suppose you know what necroing is? And what “forum” are you referring to? There are 14916 posts in this forum. And if you are going to, just answer it!


I think he means this one.


yay finally something other than 1A and its my fav style too


I love 2A… But I SUCK with my left. I can Inside loop forever with right lol

(JonasK) #17

2a and 3a is for people that can throw with both hands. I can’t.


Thanks Kim! Sorry about getting off topic guys :-[

I love 2A! just waiting for my thick lube to arrive lol!