For sell: H.O.T., The Seed, Cypher (WYYC ed), The Queen, SuperNova,SuperG n more


Hey there guys,

So I’m selling some of my collection (about half of it). Some of the yoyos has been used a lot, some of em have been taken out of the box, thrown twice, and put back to my yoyobag. Therefore damage, scratches etc differ on each. All of scratches are as described and shown on pictures. Smiley

Cypher, edition WYYC Prague 2014. Special edition of YYFactory Cypher. It has one scratch on the rim and two more inside- they were made when I was changing bearing to Konkave (I know, stupid of me, but it was really tough to get it to fit!). Anyways plays beautifully- £35.

Green splash Demonic from YoYoBoard- great stuff, made from alu 7075. Taken out of the box, thrown twice, then left behind. Brand new, no scratches or dings. £35

H.O.T red/gold splash- now this is a legend for me. I’ve got it already used, with two dings. I made another two as I played with it. But it’s just so great. Unique shape and colorful finish. It does have a slight woble, but it’s minimal- that’s how tough this yoyo is. Awesome throw. £25

Next on my list is 2SickYoyos- The Queen. Earlier known as The King. This is such a unique throw. Made by a non-mainstream company with a stylish splash. Very nice in hand and on the string. Very similair to Shutter in means of performance and shape. Not avaible in UK. 2 scratches. £40

Another legendary model- The Seed. This is a monster-type yoyo, huge, wide, proudly thrown around the world Wink Has an awesome pink finish with orange splash. Hard to get in UK. 2 minimal scratches, plays smoothly like brand new one. £50

So next on the list is another older yoyo of mine, SuperG. I bought it from the same guy as The H.O.T., it was already a bit scratched. I was learning intesively back then, that’s why so many scratches. What’s important: they were made because I was walking the dog, for example. It wasn’t because of hard, powerful hits to the ground. In coclusion: it plays awesome (compared to its looks) with slight woble. I can provide a video if in doubt Wink Anyways worth a try for this price- £20.

And finally last one is SuperNova in very  unique and rare colour edition- black with purple engravings. Plays brilliantly, has 2 scratches, no woble, plays like new. £35

There you go, if you fancy one give me a shout here or at Feel free to ask any questions, if you’re not sure about how it plays I can provide a full HD video as well Smiley
All YoYos come either with CT bearing (YYF ones) or KK or Trifecta Bearing (The Queen)


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