For sale: Luftverk Evora. Purple glass dust edition


As new condition. All paperwork. Number #11. Comes dead stock complete with full ceramic bearing. Not as perfectly smooth as other Titanium yoyos I have. It has a little micro chatter with the fingernail test. I just mention this because some people are real particular about any vibe at all. From 17 years of modding and testing yoyos, I can detect the smallest amount of vibe; whether it really matters or not, lol. No marks. Outer sleeve of box has signs of use from moving here and there. But white inner box is fine. The Yoyo actually spins even smoother with a metal Difeo bearing. I am personally not a big fan of all ceramic bearings. Price is $290… That includes Priority Mail. Insured for value. PayPal… No gifting. PayPal provides a service. I don’t need gifted money.




:o. Ok… A bump and a small bump in the road.

I’ve received 8 pm’s and several emails on the Evora. I am not surprised people want to buy it. But I am surprised how fast some folks responded to my ad.

Usually I trade with one person or I sell or buy a yoyo outside the BST and its done.

Most of you guys that frequent the BST will not doubt be very aware you seldom see my posting up anything, lol.

Consequently, having several people seriously wanting to buy the Evora has temporarily stumped me.

I mean, do you sell it to the guy that deliberately registered on Yoyoexpert just so he could ask to buy the yoyo? Or do you sell it to the guy with several dozen BST transactions with 100% positive feedback? Or do you sell to the guy that tells the neatest story about seriously he wants an Evora.

One of my friends suggested to just have people bid on the yoyo so I will know who really wants it. < nah…
I already set the price so I wouldn’t do that. The price is the price. And regardless, just because somebody might pay more has no true value in finding the person that would really be happy to get something they have been looking for.

So for anybody that contacted me and might be following this BST; I got all the messages and thanks for the interest in the Evora.

I am not holding the yoyo hostage. One guy that wants to get the show on the road, offered to beat any other offers. I don’t care about that.

So just let me roll this around for the next day or so and I will decide what I am going to do.

Now it gets just a little more interesting. > I have another Evora. A raw one from the YYE release. At this point I am most likely going to sell this second Evora for the same exact price: $290/priority/insured for value.

The purple will be sold first. Once that transaction is complete, I will contact those that might be interested in the Raw Evora.

Hey, maybe somebody will want to buy both of them, lol. But I think one per buyer is the best way to go.

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