How much would you value a Luftverk Evora at?


I just bought one and trying to decide if I got a good deal.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #2

If ya love it, it’s a good deal! :wink:

It’s a bit late now, don’t ya think? :-\


I always enjoy these types of after the fact questions…
“Did I make out like a bandit or did I get screwed?”


One could easily project their opinion but that would highly depend on its condition right? :-\

(InvaderDust) #5

You are asking one question about two different things. Cost and value.

What finish? Glass dust? Raw Slow Pass? AMS Hardcoat? these will all affect pricing a good bit.

Remember cost is what you pay, value is what you get. If you paid 500 and LOVE it, its worth it. If you pay 200 and hate it, the mark is still missed. So its not about money, about your love (or lack of love) for it that will answer your question.

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I always get the sense that the buyers that pose these questions made their purchase based on a potential resale, not enjoyment of the object.


Could you just go ahead and delete this mods. Obviously shouldn’t have asked it. Thanks

(InvaderDust) #8

by letting us know what kind you got and what you paid, we prolly could have actually answered. But vague questions will yield vague answers.


If you paid over a dollar in Monopoly money; you are a total loser and will most likely die screaming in Bankruptcy Court.

… asking whether you got a good deal, ‘now’ is like jumping off the top of the Empire State Building and while falling; call the Suicide hotline from your cell phone and asking them if jumping was a good decision.

Unless the seller gave you a money back option; you kinda missed the boat so to speak.

… And first of all; you didn’t state whether you got a Ti Evora or a bi-metal Evora?

If you got a Ti Evora for $200 or less; that’s a pretty good deal if it is in very good condition.

If you got a Bi-metal Evora for $150 or less; you got a good deal if the yoyo is in good shape.

… let me give you some reasonably good advice on buying yoyos.

Do not buy a yoyo looking for a performance miracle. Do not buy a yoyo if the price you pay is going to bog down your ‘flow’. Try to calculate your ‘deal’ before you make the jump. Never rush to buy a yoyo if you even think it’s gonna leave you penniless.

No yoyos come with tricks included. If you buy a Shutter for $50 or an Evora for $200; you still have to make them ‘work’.

Fortunately for you; any Evora is a good playing yoyo. As long as the yoyo is in good condition and you paid less than retail; just have fun with it… And never rush to buy another yoyo without thinking it out first…


It is a glass dusted Ti Evora. I did not buy it with money and I did not buy it on a wim. I’m not new to the you scene so I didn’t buy it because “it’s expensive so it can do cool tricks.” I realize now that I was very vague. I wanted to know what a glass dusted Ti Evora was worth. I’m not trying to resell it and I felt what I gave for it was appropriate.

(InvaderDust) #11

I had one offered to me for just over 250 and that was a SWEEET deal I had to pass. If yours was anywhere around that, you got a steal as far as im concerned. Glass dust evora is one of the only throws on my radar right now. All things aside, (imo) GREAT choice. It may not be your best players, but will likely the the prettiest and most unique finish.

If it was a trade, value will be harder for us to assess.


I agree with my predecessor
If it was a matter of trade then it is hard to decide