FOR SALE: Bape, Ti, YYF, Oxy, Dif, Werrd, Deadly Spins

For Sale Only! Dm more more pics and information. In order:

  • Dif-e-yo Crossbones [near mint]
  • Dif-e-yo GTO [some light scratches]
  • Oxygene 3VO [some small dings]
  • Werrd 4XL AYYA 2008 edition [mint]
  • Yoyofactory 44 [a few small dings, still smooth]
  • Yoyofactory Skyline gold [assorted dings, not too many]
  • Deadly Spins Pride 6061 [mint]
  • Yoyofactory Superstar 2013 [slight marks, almost near mint]
  • Yoyofactory Avant Garde 2 [quite a few dings from rolling on tile, smooth]
  • Yoyofactory Ti Dream [sparked 3 times, not too much wear]
    - Anti-yo Bapezilla [assorted dings, nothing huge] sold
  • Yoyofactory 888 LB 08/08/08 edition [Mint with box, not pictured]

Thank you!


Superstar for YYF Flight to oracles thick lube?

20 for dif

interested in Dif