For people who own a hot shot or lancer II

well i was gonna get a new yoyo and i wanted to see wat are some of the good things and bad things about the hot shot and the lancer II so if you have any reviews or anything that can help me decide that wold be appreciated


Here are good comparison reviews:

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thanks samad i am leaning a bit toward the hot shot maybe ill get that

neither, get a legacy, you won’t regret it.

i already had one i sold it it was awesome but my cuz really wanted it and i want to get a new yoyo and i like these yomega ones but if u have other choices please tell me i want to know wat others you would like

grind machine plastic by yoyofactory, just as good.

Yes, I highly recommend this! :smiley:
Awesome yo-yo!

im probably gonna get that in around two mothns and my sis is gonna get me this yoyo because i dont really know y and she told me if i wanted a yoyo that twenty or lower

If you guys are reccomending these to keep him away from Yomegas bacause you don’t like them, they can be awsome throws.

Just take a look at Jayyo, he has a bunch of YoYoJams, YoYoFactorys, and lots of other great yoyos, but still likes Yomagas more than lots of those.

Take a look at these videos:

He can do lots of tricks on Yomegas that he can do on any other yoyos.

That just proves that Yomega can be a great company. I’m not trying to say that YoYoJam YoYoFactory and all the other companies are worse than Yomaga, but I’m saying that Yomaga can be a very underated company.

We’re not trying to steer him away from yomegas.
It’s just that he wanted some suggestions.

I was just going off the reviews. They might be good, you never know.

that 4th video was one of the ones to convince me to get the hot shot it looks likeit has some good spin times and he said in his review it was an awesome 5a player and im starting to learn some 5a

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Don’t think its just 5A.

I have played many, and they are great for 1A as well. I can do Ladder Escape, Plan D, and all the other cool master/past master tricks.

It is a great yoyo. I’m glad more people are giving Yomaga a chance.

i definitely agree. but i picked other because its all about preferance

that is exactly why im getting a yomega because of preference