For Ed!

Hey man, I know you love your 3 in 1’s. I have two original from '99. Can’t find the box for em, but figured I’d let you know about it.

Sweet… mother of…

That’s hot. Real hot.

I might want these… hmmmmmm

Rofl, cool. Thats nothing though, I have over 500 “OldSchool” yoyo’s like that laying around in a box somewhere. Here are a few I saw without having to dig through a ton of boxes in the attic.

Moonstar’s I don’t know if you remember those, but they became collector’s items when they got discontinued to make the Mondial’s.

These are what replaced the Moonstars. I had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman who made these back in the summer of '99 at the Kite show down in Clearwater, FL. One of the coolest guys ever. (Same convention I first met Steve Brown :slight_smile: )

And notice!! Not made by DUNCAN! Lol, was the first year they came out, so I snagged one! I also have about 50 other original ProYo products.

Again, an original, first year GoldenEye! Original bearings and everything in every single yoyo.

Just a few more I had laying in the same box. The rainbow is #50 ever made of that run.

  I'll eventually search through some of my old boxes and make a post about some of the "OldSchool" yoyo's I used in the day. Just to lazy at the moment lol. So enjoy the pics, and if your interested in buying or trading for any of these classics, just post or PM me. Name is Rick, so you don't have to call me OldSchool lol.

you got my attention bro.
now get those 3-in-1’s off that revolting poly!!! :wink:

seriously, i’m interested in lots of that stuff, particularly the wood.

so… evidently this wasn’t “for ed” at all? what’s up?