Food + (wife/mother/girlfriend)

So I’m the cook in the household…but my wife has just got into it…and HOLY S*** the potato soup is the best ******* thing I’ve ever had in my life. Guarantee Tina (my wife’s) recipe for potato soup kills any of your fools mothers/wives/girlfriends recipes for anything out there. Don’t even try to post your fav food that compares to this or who cooks it because I’m telling you right now Tina has you beat…But if you must…post your favorite food, who cooks it, and by all means if you really in all honesty think its better than Tina’s potato soup then tell me so. But trust me…it isn’t…Great job babe. Your my #1!

Screwed up royally recently, ehhh. :wink:

Can’t tell if it was you or Tina that posted that… :wink:

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Nope boys. In all honesty I haven’t screwed up and no this is not Tina…its me me Bill… Man you see how this potato soup has got me…I am being serious for no bonus points…it is truly a 1920’s “a way to a mans heart is through his stomach” pure first time love affair through the gastro intestinal system god help me I’m on my knees the flavors are heaven on earth. Love the jokes…but the soup is for real…I said #1 and I will hold to it!


There’s only one man who truly knows the way to my heart.

Ya, my real name is William and Bill or Will is short for William. Don’t ask me why

@ Gambit…nice call, well played my man.

Just an early morning update…I’m eating the soup right NOW!!! BAAAAMMMMM!!!

So is anybody gonna post their favorites, I guess Tina’s soup is just on a whole other level nobody on these forums can compete with. I’ll take a pic after the next batch tonight just to make y’all jealous :slight_smile:

My wife makes great soup, too. And her potato-leek soup is tops! Tina’s soup sounds good, but man… don’t step to Alex’s potato-leek (sprinkled with bacon) or apple-lentil soups.

That said… the time in recent memory that I stood up off my chair and shouted “HALLELUJAH!” (I’m not even religious) was when she made shredded beef tacos. You will never want another taco after eating these bad boys.

She couldn’t stop laughing at how enthusiastic I was over food, and food that wasn’t THAT hard for her to make.

The previous thing she made that had me whoopin’ with joy was her Cracklin’ Chicken. Debone some chicken thighs. Pound them flat with a mallet. Salt (kosher salt) all around, but mainly the skin side. Other seasonings to taste. Melt a wack-tonne of butter in your skillet. Fry them skin-side up until crisp. Flip and finish cooking. Or do it the other way around. Doesn’t matter as long as the skin is crispy. Set aside.

Don’t want to hurt your feelings, Bill, but… it was store-bough. :o