food trick...not life story

hey peeps im new to this forum but i thought id join because i think i may have invented a new trick and wanted to share it;i dont have a camera so im gonna describe it in detail.

firt start off with a bad food by criss allen, for those of you that dont know what this is you throw a breakaway into a trapeze then roll once as if doing lindy loops, miss the string, should look just like a trapeze, then pop into a thumb chopstick like mount. the yoyo should reject the string then put throwhand finger into it.      just the bad food part.

then drop string on non throwhand pointer/or middle wichever, you do for chopsticks. roll that torwards your throw hand and take throwhand pointer out catch in trapeze with your non throwhand pointer. enjoy :slight_smile:

if you think i could do a  better description please tell me so :slight_smile: