need halp on dis trick

please help i have been at this trick for this past hour and ant seem to get it at all!

Well, what part of it are you having trouble with?

Ok so i just learned this keep in mind im a righty thrower just incase your a lefty

First your gonna do a trapeze over 2 fingers and then spread apart
Then grab the right side of the part you spread apart with your NTH index then take your TH thumb and grab the same part and pinch this will create a slack which you will loop around the yoyo this will land you in a chopstick like mount
Next you will do the same thing you did with your index again in this chopstick like mount, you will grab the right side with your index squeeze and you will make a counter clockwise motion around this will create another slack loop that you will again put around the yoyo
Then your gonna pull that loop up around the yoyo
With that you will twist your TH then drop the loop around which will hang under the yoyo you will grab this with your TH and pull down creating this awesome isolation

Im really Sorry this was really hard for me to explain i tried my best , hope you get it! Isolations are great more people need to do them