Food allergies anyone?


I was wondering if anyone has food allergies just like me

When I was a toddler I was allergic to EVERYTHING
Meat, eggs, milk, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, and a bunch others I can’t even remember

I eventually grew out all of the allergies except for milk and eggs
And after a while my allergy to peanuts came back

Nowadays I’m allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts


I used to be allergic to tomatoes, but not anymore. I also think I’m allergic to apples now, because I throw up every time I eat one, but I haven’t been tested.




I’m defiantly allergic to most fruits. Watermelon and a few other fruits like apples, and other melons make my throat itchy and kinda swell. I told my doctor about it, and basically he thought I was crazy. He never even contacted me after he said he would talk to another allergy doctor.

I did some research myself and found out its kinda common, fruits get pollens on them and it can make some people have a reaction. I do have seasonal allergies (pollens and dust) so I believe it’s the pollen on the fruit.
I can eat canned/cooked fruits perfectly fine, no problems. I am totally baffled as to what it may be though. If anyone has similar reactions let me know :wink:


Bananas, carrots, cucumbers, watermelon, nuts(all nuts, tree nuts, peanuts…), sesame seeds, and I was allergic to citrus, along with pet and airborne allergies.


Peanuts tons of kids I know are among other allergies ! You are far from alone…


Yeah, I know a bunch of kids with peanut allergies