Gluten free peoples of YYE


Hi there everybody!

I’m kinda surprised this thread doesn’t exist, as I’m sure there are some gluten free yoyoers out there, but here it is!

Like most food allergies, it’s helpful to talk with other people to see what is OK to eat, and what isn’t, and to swap recipes and things like that, so now there’s a place for it here on YYE!

Lil bit of background: there are multiple different illnesses which can result in a person being unable to eat gluten, the most prominent of these being Celiac Disease. Those with Celiac are unable to eat gluten, a protein composite found in wheat, barley, and rye (most oats are also not safe to eat due to the cross-contamination that occurs during storage).

Also, most gluten free people are not health freaks, hipsters, or mentally insane (key word: most lawl)

So yeah, any gluten free people out there?


I’m gluten free, but not celiac. I don’t have to be as cautious as celiac people. I can eat oats that might have a little cross contamination.

I find the easiest way to deal with this is to just eat whole foods. Don’t try to find gluten free versions of food that is better with gluten.

I have the rare gluten free pie or something, but usually, I just eat stuff that is naturally gluten free.


My grandfather and my three cousins are Celiac. There’s a chance that I may develop it as get into my later teens. Kind of a huge bummer.


It appears gluten sensitivity is linked to autism.


That’s interesting. I am very minor on the autism spectrum as well. I didn’t bother signing up for a medscape account to read the article though.


^^^ Sorry, I forgot you can’t read it without having an account…


This is a cool thread. One of my sister’s friends had Celiac, and it looked like it was a tough life to live. Do you guys who are gluten free ever feel a sense that you’re missing out on something?


It really isn’t that big a deal to me. I did have a gluten free pizza yesterday (bacon, chicken and ranch dressing, no tomato sauce) it was pretty good.

Occasionally my friend’s wife makes midnight cookies at our poker game, and I feel a little left out.

I miss pie sometimes, but my sister makes a great gluten free pie crust (my mom, niece and brother-in-law are all gluten free).

Every now and then I miss a good sandwich. With fresh garden tomatoes and lettuce. On a hearty white bread, or a good grilled cheese.


My two best friends are both gluten free, so i always eat gluten free stuff with them.

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Two of my first cousins have Celiac…