Flying V: High Speed YoYo Review

The Flying V is the signature yo-yo for Ed Haponik. It was designed with his personal style in mind, working with his blend of old school and new school tricks. Just like Ed’s style, which cannot be classified as old school or new school, the Flying V defies classification as well. It is bigger in diameter than the Big Brother Bully while being thinner in width than the One Drop M1. It can be setup to play tug responsive or dead unresponsive. This is definitely a unique yo-yo that goes against the norm when it comes to modern yo-yo design. With a name derived from a classic, and iconic, electric guitar we are going to ask one simple question. Does it rock like Neil Peart or is it pure Neil Diamond cheese?

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wow. great review. you made ME want to play it.
which… i guess i’ll go do. :wink:

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It is a great yo-yo, my students love the raw rims. Think it makes the yo-yo look dangerous. :slight_smile:

AMAZING review! You are my favorite reviewer!

I am a proud owner of this yoyo. this is definitely something unique. it was the first all metal yoyo that i bought, and i’m glad that i did. the weight is mostly in the rims, allowing for thumb grinds. grinds are amazingly smooth. Matador was something that i was looking foreward to with this yoyo. the spikes don’t hurt (which i’ve heard some do) which allows for long matador. i don’t think i can say enough good things about this yoyo, its great!