Learning To Fly

a new yo-yo video with tricks by ed haponik and friends. filmed at home and at virginia states, and featuring the new run of the SPYY Flying V.

big thanks to steve buffell of SPYY, along with tony basch, randy jansen, steven kinder, mikhail tulabut, tom connoly, ann connoly, joe wilso, fred rowland, jon saelens, gee cheung, samm scot, and charles schluer… and all of the people i meant to get in but couldn’t… also guys like john bot, sid, drew, jacob, seth, and steve, who [very] obviously inspire a lot of the tricks i like to do.

some new, some downright-ancient, some unresponsive, some ultra-snappy. hope you like it!

You’re cat is hilarious. Thanks for brightening my gloomy day!

Your style is just - Awesome. I can’t even describe it. Awesome video! :smiley:


I believe this yoyo can be very dangerous to my fingers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]

Ed, that was brilliant.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant.

I loved it all. Every single clip, how it was put together, the tricks, everything! Somehow I like it better than New Adventures in Lo-Fi, and I watch that video all the time.

This is definitely among my favorites as some of the greatest yoyo videos of all time.

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ann connolly seems to be making a strage amount of apperances lately… btw ann, i never fingured out what was with the whole moving the string back and forth on the wrist mount.

Is the flying V responsive???

not originally…

so it has to be modded to play responsive?

Ed likes to play responsive, so the Flying V can accept two bearings, thick for unresponsive, thin for responsive.

BTW, awesome video!

the flying v comes with TWO bearings (one installed, and one in an envelope). the ‘half-spec’ bearing is thinner, which reduces the gap, but it comes clean and without shields. if you want it to be truly responsive, you’ll need to add the lube of your choice. the regular width c-bearing is clean and totally unresponsive.

all of the production v’s that steve sent me came stock with the half spec bearing, which i would assume is how they ship to stores.

only if you consider ‘adding lube’ to be ‘modding’. i mostly play mine responsive, but it’s a great yo-yo unresponsive also. i use yoyojam thick lube in my half spec bearings, or sometimes 3-in-1 oil. the response is silicone (and an improved depth from the original run) and works great either responsive or unresponsive.

Ed is want more what like yoyo look good.

What Ed really is:

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Ed Haponik

Ed you are my hero. You were always my hero, but now you are even more of my hero. :wink:

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Wow, your like Mary Poppins but saying epic instead :slight_smile: