Flying Panda Recess

Ok so I want to make my Duncan Flying panda unresponsive(suck at 4a period.) and tips on how to either recess or other things would be nice. Also can the rubber rims come off?

If you take the rubber rims off it will literally be a fh2. With silicone stickers & the biggest spacers with the Duncan bearing kit & a clean bearing it will be unresponsive.

What exact problems are you having with 4a? And why would you want to take the rubber rims off? It would make it smaller and easier to damage. As for how to make it less responsive I’d suggest trying a thinner string.

I’m just not good at 4a, I’d rather buy a fiesta and make the panda unresponsive, and the rubber rings make it big for the hand.

Where can I buy the silicone stickers?

Is it the throw, catch or bind? It sounds like your throwing it and it won’t come off the string. A fiesta is great, but it’s much larger than the fly panda. If you want an undersized throw for 4a the big Ben uses a C sized bearing and is very small, but the awkward feeling of holding a large throw goes away after a bit. I believe you can buy silicone stickers here on yoyoexpert (correct me if I’m wrong haha)

Here, the panda is too small for me I can barely catch but i can bind. So I want it to be unresponsive and I can buy a fiesta which will be easier cause it’s bigger.

I can throw it off the string perfectly.

13.7mm for most unresponsive and
and the largest spacers that come with this.

and with the 13.7 mm stickers there will be an inner gap in between the yoyo and the bearing but since it’s a smaller sticker it is less responsive.

Also I have the big spacers. They are the ones that level up with the yoyo so the bearing does not sink in.(correct me if I’m wrong)

I bought a pair of Flying Pandas a while ago. One to keep stock, the other to add the Duncan off-string MOD spacers into. This makes the Flying Panda a lot better.

You’ll want to get the Duncan spacer kit and completely clean the bearing out as mine were packed with grease. After that, it’s like has been said: biggest spacers and a clean bearing.

I feel the Fiesta XX is a superior off-string, but it’s good to have some smaller off-strings around for a challenge.

I think I’ll keep it responsive. But re friction stickers have gooey stuff and it gets into the bearing seat and other places, will only friction stickers work for responsive play??

There’s a lot of things that can contribute to responsive play. Bearing lubrication, spacers/gap width come to mind as two immediate issues.

If you want to clear the gooey stuff, you can use alcohol to dry it up and then immediately wipe it clean. It will take some work but it’s worth the effort. If you’re getting that crud into the bearing seat, you’d doing something wrong.

If compatible, I recommend silicone stickers. If you want, you can put regular mod spacers in the Flying Panda and use silicone stickers. Again, get the Duncan spacer kit and clean your bearing and see where that experimentation takes you.

Hmmm, I’ve never experienced that with any kind of a sticker that is properly applied.

No, it comes out of em’ on the ends and some gets UNDER the spacer. I’ll just clean it up and get a new pair. So back to my Q. What can be used in replace of the friction stickers?

On the Flying panda? Not much if I recall. I think the friction sticker is right on the surface. I don’t think there’s really any recess to speak up. Silicone stickers, as thin as they are, would be too much.

Use Duncan Mod spacers for regular yoyos(not the off-string ones) and the Duncan Bearing Kit. The mod spacers use silicone stickers.