Flying panda Help

Ok, I have a flying panda for off-string, it does not spin very long, the bearings get the gunk from the Friction Stickers. So every new A bearing I put in gets slowed down and gunk in them, even after clean. So I’m thinking new response, or a new off-string. (getting into it) After one Sun like a roll and back, it runs out and I can barely bind.

Any Suggestions??

Wish Studio Would Post A LONG detailed post about it :,(.

Ir pads might help.

Those dont fit in a flying panda -_-

Purchase offstring mod spacers from duncan. They make it wider, and add a much more durable response specifically for offstring, which I guarantee wont add any gunk to the bearing whatsoever :wink:

Youll have to deal with my one paragraph post for now :(…

I see, Is there a groove for Flowable, ect?? Because, when you recess a panda it will become unresponsive, so will it still be responsive?

Or should I invest in a Go Big/ Fiesta??

They are made for off string so yes.
Yes they do.

Clean bearing + new pads + cleaned spacers and yoyo = greater play

I see the “new pads part” but what kind of pads fit? There is no groove, should I make a groove? And every time I clean it the gunk from Fs’s get into it and to slows down. Also how would I clean spacers? They have some gunk. Thanks Yoyoexpertman :wink:

I say just go for a go big or the fiesta. I’m just not a fan of friction stickers at all, but that’s just an opinion.

Go big if you play on a lot of hard surfaces and want snappy binds/easier open string binds.
Uses narrow c bearing

Fiesta if you play on softer surfaces or want longer spin times/more intricate string tricks.
Uses normal C bearing

Thanks :wink:

Aim for a go big or a fiesta.

Kind of a necro/copy post. He just said that above. Thanks for the recommendation tho ;).

this thread was posted 2 days ago. Not exactly a necro
But if you don’t mind spending a bit more, I know someone was selling ashiru (injection molded) kamuis on the b/s/t for around $45-50. Best 4a throw I’ve used aside from my milkshake. go big or fiesta xx are both great too though, can’t really go wrong with any of them.