Flying Panda/Fireball

So I was at Uncles(for anyone who read my last thread about Counterweights in General Discussion, you’ll know about this) and I turned around
while the person manning the desk and I see yo-yos. I see mostly Duncans and Yomegas… And I remember my brother being very interested in
off-string yo yo play(4A). So I saw the Flying Panda,(Realizing it’s an off-string) and wondered… Is this a good off-string yo yo for my brother?
Then I saw the fireball, and I AM interested in 2A as well as 5A… And isn’t 2A(looping), trans axle/ball bearing??? So I was wondering the same thing,
is this a good looping yo yo?
Flying Panda-Duncan

for just a little more, you can get a fiesta, which plays insanely for 4A. of course, it is the hugest yoyo i have ever played, so it might be a little big for you. having never played a flying panda, i cannot say if it is a good player or not, but since it is your first one, you really can’t go wrong. plus, it has a smaller gap which will make binding easier.

the fireball is just a transaxle raider, which will be more response than a regular raider. that will help you with loops. be warned, however, that looping will take you years to get down, so you will have to be persistent.

ok thanks

My fireball is unresponsive without putting Vasoline on the transaxle.

Same thing happens to me, if you get a fireball, get Yomega lube with it!