flowable silicone problem


I took the black pads out of my Yoyofficer vector. I replaced them with flowable silicone. Have done this all before and havent had this problem. My vector is totaly responsive. Do they need to break in? I also did my Kilter 2 and they came out fine. Dead unresponsive. What do i do?


Check the bearing, and check the bearing seat to see if you have any silicone there. Also, give it a few days to break in.
Hope I helped!


Is the silicone not flush or lower than the top of the spot the pads go into? That could be why it’s more responsive. Also maybe you got some on the bearing seat which then got into your bearing?


Sorry for the frantic post. But yall got it. There was super small pieces of silicone on one side in the bearing seat. I could barley see it. Anyways i got it out with a needle and its all back to normal. Thanks fellas.

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