Flowable Silicone in Responsive Yoyos


Alright, so responsive yoyos clearly don’t seem to be the most popular; however, for a noob like me… they’re awesome and fun. That being said I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with flowable silicone in responsive yoyos. I am yet to hear of it being used in responsive yoyos, which leads me to assume it’s not optimal, however I’m no expert. I’m especially curious about how it works with The Sage (YoTricks co-branding of the YYF OneStar) and the YYF Loop 360. I know gap width (bearing size) is the main variable between responsive and unresponsive play so please don’t tell me that it depends on whether I’m using a Half Spec versus a Spec/Center trac/Konkave/etc. because that is not my concern. Thank you.


It will certainly work for responsive if you keep the gap small and the bearing lubed up thick. I would think that it would wear away faster than you’d like it to, though.

Doesn’t hurt to try it.


It will work fine. Keep it flush w/the shell surface rather than recess it.