Flowable Silicone PGM2

Hey just wondering if it would be possible to put silicone in plastic grind machine v2?
Mine hasn’t turned up yet so i wouldn’t know if they even have a recess, plz let me know if i could and possibly how.

Oh - and does silicone make it more or less responsive?

less responsive yes i put it in my pgms

Yes. The PGMv2 has a silicone sticker recess, but flowable silicone should work. Also, silicone can make yo-yo’s responsive. That’s why you should take a spoon or something similar to remove some silicone after applying it on the recess.

Silicone in itself doesn’t change the responsiveness of a yoyo. How deep or shallow the silicone is does change it.

Yes, PGM’s and anything that uses k-pads can accept silicone. Not sure about CBC pads, but probably.

Actually dropping Silicone on the inner part of the bearing seat will change the responsiveness. So keep it off of it.