flowable cilicone

i was wanderin wats the difference between
flowable cilicone, and the cilicone o-rings u get off this site
and which is better or r they both the same

With flowable silicone, you manually put the silicon from a tube into the recess. For the o-rings, you just put them in.

With the silicon, you might mess up. You can’t mess up for the silicone o-rings.

With the silicon, you need to wait for 24 hours for the silicone to cure.
With the o-rings, you just put it in and play.

Flowable silicon takes time to break in, but the o-rings hardly have any break in time.

Use those and judge which one is better for you.



Also, I find flowable to last a lot longer.

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And flow able is less expensive. The waiting time for silicone isn’t 24 hours. When I need more silicone, I just put it in before bed time, and just start using it in the morning. Flowable silicone is also a bit more… changeable? Because you can pour in the amount of silicone you want, while with the ones you buy, you have to use that kind… until you wear it down.

what would you say the shallowest recess area could be used with flowable sili?