Floaty bimetals

(The Yo mast3r) #1

So given the fact that a lot of bimetals are very solid feeling, are there any bimetals that are floaty that you guys can recommend to me?

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Sengoku Masamune.


Clyw blizzard is the most floaty yoyo I have in my collection


I honestly don’t understand all of the terms people use to describe yoyos… but if it’s what I’m thinking, the 2sick knight?


I found the Draupnir to be fairy floaty.


I would think something like the YYF Edge would be floaty.

(The Yo mast3r) #7

So is the Vacation floaty?


It’s an increasingly silly term. I would say YYO Rave, but sometimes people describe it as “solid”, so the term is obviously meaningless.

2sickyoyos Knight is light and fast-feeling on the string.

(major_seventh) #9

Can confirm

(InvaderDust) #10

Ive heard (but not thrown) tha the YYR Valkyrie was supposed to be floaty. Isnt that why they put a feather on it?


Yoyo factory flight. floaty as Ben conde floating on a raft of balloons on the dead sea😀 Seriously, just pick a none small, lightish yoyo that isn’t a superstar. Happy bimetaling!


The magicyoyo stealth recently purchased from Snarl3k (thank you sir) is awesome! Not sure if they are available anywhere maybe YYE sold them at one point but it definitely feels light on the string


(Spinworthy Glen) #13

The thing is about these threads are that all you get are opinions, which is fine if that’s what you are after. But that’s exactly what you’ll get; opinions, and you will most likely not be any the wiser for hearing them.

But this thread has something even deeper than that, which is ‘opinion Inception’; opinions within opinions.

The term ‘floaty’ is a pretty controversial term and means different things to different people. Asking people to give opinions within something that is already very subjective is opinion inception.


Yeah, but what’s your recommendation? “Buy them all!”? ;D

Edit: Oops, I see you did give a recommendation!

(Spinworthy Glen) #15

I recommend him trying out a a yoyo that he thinks looks good to him and fits his preferences of weight, shape, etc. That’s the only way he can reall find out.


2sick blitz. I havent tried a knight though