Flipside vs Alpha Crash

Hey guys Im thinking about getting one of these two new throws and was wondering opinions on them. Any help is appreciated

They are both really good plastics. Costing the same it is hard too chose either so honestly just chose which ever appeals to you more because both are great. I personally like the Alpha Crash more but only because of preference and not because its actually better

I have not tried the flip side, but it is modeled after the fhz and I have heard nothing but good about it. That said, the alpha crash is my top plastic, and that is not a phrase I take lightly. I might be getting a flip side soon, so I might post here again.

Alpha Crash

Well, my take on it if I was in the market to buy one of these throws, the Flipside comes with a Size C KK bearing. That being said, you’re essentially paying 5.50 for the yoyo, and full price for a KK bearing. Not to mention it comes with a responsive bearing as well.

In that sense, I’d much rather buy the Flipside.

The Alpha Crash is a great throw. Haven’t tried the Flipside yet but with the KK bearing and size A flat bearing it comes with, you’re essentially getting the yoyo for free. And who doesn’t love free stuff?


It comes with Konkave bearing, but that is just licensed by Difeyo, made by some company in China. Its on par with other chinese konkaves, which are worth about 5$.

I have both of them, they are great plastics, really top. Alpha crash is much more competitive throw, wider, more stable, but with not so great feel. Flipside is simply more fun, while still has good sleep time and stability.

So if you are looking for yo-yo that is as good as Protostar for contest, go with Alpha, if you want just fun plastic to carry around, go with Flipside.

Wait for OneStar to come out

wait if it model after the fhz wouldn’t it be the same shape?

I have tried both and I would recommend the Alpha Crash because:
Flipside is kinda narrow, about the same width as a FHZ.
Konkave bearing felt not up to par with those made by DIf,
Aaaaaand out of five Flipsides I have tried, 4 had strong vibe and one was really wobbly.
Out of four Alpha Crashes I have tried, ALL were silky smooth.