Flinging things on a string, July 8, 2012 Edition

What a week. It started bad, ended high.

First, tricks update:
Kwijobo, coming along. I have done it many times, but the consistency isn’t there yet. I’m lookng at a lot more work. I’m all for it! I seem to have the best consistency on this trick uisng my XCon Pro.

My son is landing his Fiesta XX better, and bind it back.

Onto the bad stuff. Seems I’m definitely not a fan of someone on this forum. That’s OK, I can’t make everyone happy. However, this person feels the need to make threats. Very not cool. I personally just prefer to avoid people I don’t like. I find it’s best that way. I WILL NOT mention this person, even if pressed. All I’ll say is that “I’m a big boy and I think I’m more than capable of choosing my friends” and leave it at that.

Last week, as you may recall, I got the new Duncan Butteryfly XT, which is a bearing Butterfly that uses a Starburst response and a greased up C-sized bearing. I cleaned it and its very unresponsive, BUT at the same time, the weight is so low, it just lacks enough mass to really do what I need it to. Harbor Freight is selling o-ring sets, so I got some and have added over 8 grams of weight to the yoyo. It’s better, but it still needs more, so I need to figure out what other rings to cram in there. It needs to be around 65+ grams I think. This is a good lesson in where and how to weight stuff.

Similarly, I tried to add some weight to my favorite ProZ(the black/yellow that I put a centertrak in). No, this one vibes like mad with weight. It’s best left alone.

Back to bearings: Still cleaning bearings. Loving that Terrapin X stuff. Is it just me or do B-sized bearings not spin very long? I went from 2 seconds to 12 seconds. It is my Buzzon Element X that has the B-sized bearings.

New arrivals:
Midnight Massacre Nessie. Nice, very DANG-like, but more speedy and no weight options. Twisted Strings Trifecta Bearing has arrived, but I haven’t found a home for it yet.

Other arrivals are a Rockstar(probably going on BST) and a YYS Stalker. I haven’t played either yet. The Rockstar I’m not interested in, but the Stalker I am highly interested in. I may change my mind on the Rockstar, but it’s new in the box, essentially untouched, but has never been thrown. If I have time, I’ll photo it and pop it on BST, but my time is very short for next week.

Saturday: went to YoLex. Secured doing soud for their contest on the 21st. Later that day, I got a call to do sound for a concert THIS FRIDAY(13th). Ah, money!back to YoLex, this one was kind of annoying. A lot of kids kept wanting to throw my stuff, but many were just asking questions, such as “What’s that”. That makes sense, a lot of stuff isn’t labelled. I like “models” on my throws, as a audio guy, those model numbers are status symbols to an extent. But, I had to tell a kid 3 times what the yoyo was and it was a One Drop, and it had the name on it: a Code 2. The kid decided to get all strange because it said “nautilus”’. I just said “OK it’s a Code 2 Nautilus”. I wasn’t in the mood to have debate ot a Code 2 or not! But he asked 5 times what my Dietz was too, so I could see where this was going. Many of the YoLex guys know my rule: yes. What to try it? Yes!

Sunday, went to a Fellowship of the Strings meet in San Jose. Only reason that happened for me is that my wife decided to go to a Buddhist temple that day as well. That’s why it’s critical that these guys plan ahead, as I can help my wife decide when to go to San Jose. As I’m in Sacramento, it’s a 2 hour drive, so we’re all in agreement(my wife and I) that we might as well make the trip as productive as possible. She gets what she wants, I get want. Well, except for the 4 hours of driving!

Once there, it was a nice environment. People got to go through my cases and throw all sorts of good stuff! Those other Unleashed I bought were handy for teaching new people to throw. I think I need to invest in some more noob-friendly throws, so I might get a Velocity and a Fast 201 just to cover all bases. My Speed Dial will also be a handy “go to” as well.

It’s nice spending time with other throwers. I wished theroybit could have made it, but he couldn’t. The offer to ride with us there and back remains on the table. I met Jason Wong Zero, the guy who does the amazing anodizing. Super cool dude showed me some AMAZING jobs he’s done. OMG!! The pictures DO NOT do it justice!! The guy has a gift! Josh Yee was there as well. Sorry if I’m bad of names, but lots of other people were there. It was cool. I had a great time sharing!

This week, my priorities are loading the truck for m gig this week, which involves unloading a lot, restacking some other stuff, loading MORE stuff in and then charging the truck battery. Yoyo is a non-priority. After this concert on the 13, then I have to re-load for the contest on the 21st, then after that, prepare for the back to back gigs at the same venue on the 27th and 28th. In between, I have extensive preparation for my events on the 27th ad 28th, which involves video editing and lighting stuff. I’m gonna be busy!

See you on the other side. I’ll throw when I can. I’m not giving up, just life and business happens. Gotta take care of my family!

On the grosser side of things, I think I’ve solved two mysteries.
1: Why has the baby been crying a lot?
2: Has she been eating the cherry pits?

Well, the answers are: yes, she’s been eating the cherry pits(I was not informed she was eating cherries, because of the pits, I would be saying no).
And therefore, they are showing up in her diaper after running through the system! I bet those hurt coming out!

I’m gonna have to figure out how to get control of this situation.