Fixed Axle Response Poll

  • I like my fixed axle yoyos to respond easily and consistently with neutral string tension.
  • I like my fixed axle yoyos to be less responsive under neutral string tension, but more responsive under tension.
  • Long spin is valuable to me in a fixed axle yoyo (10 seconds plus on a hard sleeper)
  • I don’t find long spin necessary in a fixed axle yoyo (10 seconds or less on a hard sleeper)

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So those of you that value 10 second plus spin:

What fixed axles are you achieving that on that don’t weigh around 60g+ or have a 1/4" axle?

If you want 10+ second spin times, you might as well just set up a bearing yoyo for responsive play.


Those choices are kind of redundant.

“Easily respond” and “don’t find long spin necessary…” are kind of the same thing. “Less responsive…” and “long spin is valuable…” are also somewhat the same.

If you choose “easily respond” then you can’t really choose “long spin is valuable…”. The two don’t live in the same realm.

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So if 10s sleep times are at the high end for fixies, what does “fixie play” even look like? Are there any good videos of it out there?

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I get 18-20s on the new eH which is the lightest we’ve done. I rarely use long sleepers w fixed these days but it’s definitely nice to have. I’ll stick w my old standby of Spirit Bomb and Shoot the Moon back to back. If a yo-yo handles that well, we’re gonna be friends.

Most of my tricks (and so my vids) from before 2012 or so were less about stalls and more about spin/response.


Yes they are. I did that intentionally to weed out any votes from people who likely don’t throw fixed axle.

It seems to me then that there is a distinct difference in power between your throw and mine.

@EOS44 is also able to get much higher spins put of the Harbinger with ease then I am able.

Looks like I’ll need to buff up.

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20 seconds on a fixie? Not that I doubt your godliness, but I’d kind of like to see this.

@zslane - watch anything from ed haponik. Shouldn’t be too hard to find him via Google. He has some cool stuff on his Instagram too. Really inspiring stuff.


I’m curious as to the votes of players who voted that they like easy and consistent returns with neutral string tension.

There are some there who throw TMBR wood thread axle yoyos as their bread and butter.

I am absolutely not knocking Colin or his work, but I have had difficulties getting consistent returns with my TMBR woodthread yoyos with neutral tension. I’ve found the response on those to be a little unpredictable. I suspect because it is, in effect, endgrain response.

Mine have tended sometimes to have no response grip when I’m trying yo get the yoyo to respond, and then very sudden grip and return sometimes when I don’t want it.

Have I just not set the yoyo up properly?

Hey Glen, are your plastic models fixies or do they usually have bearings?

I make both, but I’ve made more bearing plastic yoyos than fixed.

I voted for easy and consistent returns with neutral string tension.
If I throw with a lot of gas and hard I get longer spin times and I’ll do combos.

If I’m playing for stalls I throw really soft.

It’s not that complicated, like @edhaponik always says in his tutorials, throw for the trick.

I’m not sure you understood my post.

I think my fixie record is like 45s with an Irving Pro, but it’s a good way to destroy an axle. eH is NOT designed as a long-sleeping yo-yo, and this one specifically is much lighter than other versions. Here’s a quick 20s w the UN version and a 25ish with the maple '18. This is just w yye type 10 cotton.

I reiterate that I sleep time is not the most important attribute of a fixed axle for me by a long shot. I just want to have enough to “get into” fun 1a territory.


I like both play characteristics for fixies, so I usually have various options for when I want long spins (Harbinger, Orphan) vs consistent response under neutral tension (Fallen44, Retic stuff, etc). I find that long-sleeping fixies are an anomaly and not the standard, but that might be because I have not tried many fixies.

Other thing I would like to mention is that I use poly string when I really want to maximize spintime out of a fixie. Your stuff spins especially good with poly. Cotton is much less forgiving considering is rougher and is less resistant to tension. I don’t know if I’m being heretic by doing that so please don’t crucify me, but that might explain why it seems I am able to achieve long spins out of the Harbinger. You correct me on that.

Edit: Just voted. I guess people don’t favor spintime on fixies. Huh.


I LOVE the foot kick!

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:rofl: i don’t even notice it. so dorky, but if you’re goin for da juice! needless to say, i don’t generally throw like that.


I see How you are getting those sleep times now.

You basically have to throw it like a crazy wildman.