:o I’m glad I’m not still in this one.

Loosen your string tension. A LOT.

I don’t remember you being in round 1. :wink:

Just messing with you Zorro.

FIXED, with the same dismount as Ed now.

Round 6, this is getting real fellas…

Throw is a Fidalgo BTW

super-close, but you’ve got to land that trapeze in the dismount.

Are Adam and I good, Ed?

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Berto: I know you can hit that trapeze.

I’ll take that thank you as a yes ;D


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Isn’t it easier with a Fidalgo though? ::slight_smile:
I’ve never tried one, however, so what am I saying.

Brownie points for good choice of music

I learned fixed spirit bomb weeks ago with the Fidalgo and easy is not what comes to mind.


Remember in the original thread dude? It was made clear that you’re supposed to use fixed axle yoyo’s as opposed to mods. We’ll see what you’ve got and I’ll confer with Andre/Garrett if need be, but modding bearing yoyo’s to use fixed axles was only supposed to be allowed of you had no other alternative.

Yeah but it’s not a woody contest or a no jive contest. Fixed is fixed. There are DEFINITELY yoyo’s that make tricks easier or harder by virtue of response, rim weight, axle or what have you, but you can’t really legislate that. If it comes stock with a fixed axle, it passes for this contest. Honestly the Lovejoy can be pretty forgiving, itself! :wink:

I swear if I hadn’t had seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that Spirit Bomb was possible on a fixed axle. It’s only round 6 and we’re already into super-saiyan territory… both in the trick names and in the level of fixed axle skill up in here.

Not only are you guys keeping the spirit of the original yoyo alive, but you’re using OG-level equipment and pushing it further and further than anyone could have imagined. I’m genuinely impressed at just how talented you guys all are at this. :o

Gentlemen, I salute you. You’ve showed that even in a world of unresponsive bi-metals and precision bearings, there are still guys out there that can do things with a Duncan Butterfly that some of us can only dream of.

So I decided that since it’s been slow at work I’ll get some practice in before I get home. Obviously I didn’t have my coffee this morning because I took my yoyo out of my pocket and just like Ultron there were no strings on it. :frowning:


Fair enough :slight_smile:

Just make sure it doesn’t do the rest of the stuff Ultron did, ok?



Very frustrating!

Logi, what throw is that?

Pretty cool that you landed the trick, some serious talent in this group fellas. #fixedaxlemisfits