If you guys want to keep living in my world, y’know, it’s cool. But you gotta pay rent. :wink:

Spirit Bomb. Starting with a Cheese Whip wrist-mount and ending with a clean Outside Loop.
Vids due Tuesday 5/12 by 8pm EST.


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Anybody who didn’t see this coming deserves to get kicked out of the contest.

If they hadn’t shown they’re up to it, I wouldn’t give it to them.
This is how I show respect.

And if no one hits it we will reevaluate. But I think it will fall.


I asked for it.
I meant a STALLED sprit bomb.

Maaan, you know that’s too easy.

Anyway, fixie spirit bomb isn’t terribly difficult. It’ll take you three hours in front of a camera tops. Make sure you have good string tension and a REALLLY strong throw.

I’m sure at least a few people are going to get through to the next round, but all I know is I probably wouldn’t make it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have mine super loose and it keeps coming back on the first pop.

I can do this pretty well, just need to learn the cheese whip.

EDIT: Here.

I don’t know what the heck was up with my reaction.

Realized I forgot to show the guts on the LoveJoy, but you can hear it spinning.  Let me know if you want me to reshoot with the guts taken apart at the end.  :slight_smile:


Now I gotta do it.

You can!

Just make sure there’s no slack.

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yass finally something that is not too impossible… at least it doesn’t involve any pocket.

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Dang, you got that quick!

Come on Ed, give me a challenge :wink:

Jk, he could cream me any day now.

The first pop is killing me.

Your hands gotta pull apart a lot.

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Dayum! That cheese whip actually makes the thought of doing fixie spirit bomb so much easier, I almost hit it a couple of times. I lost so much time on the spin with all the rotating normally! Even though I’m long out, still wicked to learn. (I can’t do round 5 though. Did bean myself pretty good trying to pocket several times.)

The hardest part of this is easily the last loop.

Having enough spin to get it to loop out, while not so much that it’ll snag on the first pop is a very hard thing to navigate.

I said this in the Instagram post, but I realized after filming that I didn’t show a close up.

But, I feel that it’s obvious from several points and the sound that it’s a clean-machine no-jive.

All the same, let me know if you’d rather have me re-shoot this.



I bet you can, I bet you can.