FIXED AXLE CHALLENGE: Round the Seventh.

After seeing someone done I am sure the rest of you can continue on also.

I’m still totally cracking up about this.

Well, done packing and I check this thread to find this. Wow Someone, nice hit. You sir are a pro.

This trick, to me, is easier than the Spirit Bomb “bomb” that Ed threw, I am sure everyone that hit the kickflip one (4 I think) can hit this. Snap Start is all about practice… once you get it, it’s second nature.

Ed, this is an awesome trick and I am taking the GoPro just in case I get the chance to try… good times had by all!

Ed, can we keep this going for fun after I get back from my work trip in two weeks?

Ok, bed time for me, have less than 5 hours of sleep and am now pumped since Someone hit this.

^^ It really is insane how much I and I’m sure many others have been pushed.

So awesome.

Here mine is.
Used 240 fps, but 120 is still good. ;D



That’s literally the best thing ever.


Lol, I made two, here was the other one. This one’s pretty funny:


to me, this trick is easier than round 3 and spirit bomb. Glad to see some people are hitting this one. I really want to see the next round!

I was on my phone and it sent the notification you had uploaded, I think I may have been the first view. Haha. I told you Logi, if my boy Berto doesn’t have this contest in the bag, you do.

This is not to downplay Someone’s skills. All of you guys. If I hadn’t dropped in the fourth, the Spirit Bomb would’ve done me in. I’ve got the day off tomorrow, I’m gonna see if I can land this one for giggles. I can’t do a full snap start, but I may be able to pul this one off.

You can do it yooldman.

I’m going to give it my best try, anyway. Snap start has eluded me for a long time.

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I’m curious, would you accept a non-throwhand snap start?

I figured out a fun variation that would be perfect as a set-up/entrance to this combo the other day.

I’ll probably make a video of it even if it doesn’t count, but not re-filming would be a bonus.

Think like an American, he never said you couldn’t.


maybe not… but he DID say:

Oh, forget it then.

i’m ok with snap-starting with the other hand. honestly it sounds quite a bit harder to me for this trick.
i agree that i didn’t delineate it, so i can’t really legislate it in hindsight. freehand snap-start is fine.

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only logi and “someone” have hit it so far

I think we are a long ways from seeing the last of Someone.


Any of the last five have the skill and experience to win this… and for that matter, some contestants that fell also have tremendous talent.

I truly feel that it could be anyone’s game… All things being equal. I’ll go dark in 3 hours and no internet until Friday maybe. Running late so no time to attempt… Very bummed…

Cmon Jamie!

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