FIXED AXLE CHALLENGE: Round the Seventh.

Alright fixed-axle paladins… Round 7 of the YoYoExpert Fixed Axle Challenge commenceth now. You guys have hit some burly stuff to get here. For me this one is easy by comparison, but if you’re new to Snap-Starts or Backhand Balances, it might give you a hard time.

Snap-Start (and ONLY Snap-Start) into a cross-armed 1.5 Stall (like Kwyjibo), Kickflip to the same mount, then Kickflip AGAIN to Trapeze Stall. Then regen in a reverse-Breakway to a Backhand Balance. After you’ve shown control of the yo-yo in the balance, bring it back to the hand. Show your yo, post your vid here, and prepare your soul (along with your Last Will & Testament) for Round 8.

I recognize that this very well COULD be the final round. If NO ONE hits it, there will be another trick on Friday night, but I’m betting someone wants to take this thing bad enough to do it. For anyone who does, when I get around to building my Temple of the Fixed Spirit, you’ll be ordained one of its yoyo-monks, get a room with a view of the rock garden and full access to the yo-jo… or you’ll have my respect, anyway.

Vids due in this thread by 9PM EST on Fri, 5/15.

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Good luck everyone!

will someone be able to do it
get it, “someone”

And someone will post first too ;D

Imma try and beat him to it.

he has been first every single time I THINK

I don’t assume that you have much difficulty with these tricks, but just for the sake of curiosity, how long does it take you to hit these tricks for the camera?


I think I was the first for round 1, but Someone got it every other round.

You know I honestly wanted to see some people beat the challenge in every round, to the point Ed runs out of tricks and then they challenged Ed instead :smiley:

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I can’t TH snapstart. :wink:

It’s been fun though guys! I wish you all the best of luck.

Thanks Ed!

Just keep doing it, I learned this not long ago, the way I do it, the string should align well with the gap and it needs certain tightness to let the string “catches”, not too loose not too tight.
Snap UP.

It’s just tricky cause I’m lefty, but forced myself to learn to throw righty when I was younger, so I’m screwed up lol

Don’t think I’m not gonna try though!

EDIT: Hold your horses, I’m starting to get the hang of it! See, this is what I love about this–how so many people have been pushed into doing things they never dreamed of landing.


are you asking me?
if so, it just depends on the trick. so far we are doing things that i have done before, in some cases a lot of times. for the challenge, i’m trying to hit things clearly and cleanly so you can see what’s going on, so i’ve hit all the later rounds several times over to get them just so.

i can tell you pretty much by trick:
rounds 1 and 2 i hit first try in the same take.
round 3 i hit a couple times to make sure you could see it ok. that one is also automatic.
round 4 took me a bunch of takes to get clean. prob 10m of tries. the kickflips are nothing, but that middle suicide thing drives me nuts.
round 5 was the bank deposit. 5m or less, but had to refilm because i was too close to the cam.
round 6 i can hit spirit bomb probably 70% of the time on a no jive (if i have it tuned properly). getting it clean with the whip/loop out prob took 20m?
this round i completed after about 10m, but i scrapped it because i wanted to add another kickflip. so prob another 15m of tries on top of that.

there are a few i’ve filmed for later rounds (if needed) that took me upwards of an hour.


I don’t like the sound of that.


Me neither.

we will see how far it goes.
i think i’ve got enough weird stuff in the tank to keep em sweating. but i would love to see this thing go deep.

Just landed it in front of camera, but screwed up the backhand stall!\

EDIT: Here

Lol, I love where it chose to pause the video before you click play.



I’m just uploading mine.
I’ll get you next round. I think.

Did someone accomplish the trick? lol