Ok, so the moons were hard for some people. I appreciate that. If you made it through them, you might be awesomer than you expected right? So you deserve a CHALLENGE, right? And everybody loves a Kickflip-Suicide combo, right?

Kickflip to Lunar, then Stall-Suicide (no flip) back to Trapeze Stall, and finish with a Double-Kickflip. First catch on the thumb, next two on the index - NO string-grabbing ;). Post your vids in this thread by 6p EST on Wed, 5/6 to move on to the terrors of Round 5.

Slow-mo is NOT at all necessary, but I MUST be able to see the double-suicide clearly (along with all other aspects of the trick). So don’t film from too far away or at 8 fps or something.


Wow. :flushed:

Ooooh yeah, here we go :smiley:

Wooo this ain’t gonna be easy…

i assure you we are just getting started.

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I got this.

Any tips? I have never landed a single kick flip before.

Use your knees. Kickflips are closer to kendama than anything else.

Congrats to all who made it to 4. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s effort.

Wow, I landed it perfectly, but my phone fell asleep on me…

JUST NAILED IT ON CAMERA! Gimme a second to upload.

Awesome, love kickflips, wish this was round 3, but glad you pushed me to get off my butt and work on shoot the moons ;D

Have fun with this one everyone!

I have company over so there’s some laughter in the distance lol

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Whaaaat, I’d rather do a two handed shoot the moon than this… I just barely able to do kickflip yesterday, and I do kendama too.

Nice combo!!! Just need to practice the double flip on the end… Just ran through the first two steps :smiley:

Quick tips, use your knees, new string with zero tension, and be sure to give yourself enough room to work when you land that first stall. Not too close to your throw hand, but not too far out… Also experiment with your stall loop size. Good luck to all!!!

I knew you would be the first one to hit this trick. Also nice job.

P.S. I just learned this trick and hopefully I will be able to hit it on camera and move on the the next round.

Dudes, this is a very hard trick. Everyone who hits it deserves the highest honors. Try a high walled yo like an Imperial for solid kickflip loops.


Here’s mine!
I’ve now used all 3 styles of the no-jive in this contest (Imperial this time)!

Edit: updated video is above

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really man? black string with a dark shirt?! i’m going blind trying to see this.

Did it first try, too bad I didn’t beat round three.

If you need me to reshoot it with a lighter shirt let me know
I’d be happy to do so