Here we go again.

This time, I wanted to make sure I still gave you a “basic”, because I think it’s CRUCIAL that a modern fixed player know this trick. However, I also know this trick is a stumbling block, especially for people coming from a 1a background (or with low ceilings). But if you don’t know it, you’ve got THREE DAYS! So adjust your string tension, find a tutorial or 3, put on some safety goggles and BRING ME…

3 reps of Shoot the Moon, DIRECTLY into a Trapeze Stall (on the 4th Forward Pass), with a Makin da Zines regen out.

Video needs to be posted in this thread by 4p EST on Sunday!

Is this one gonna be hard for some folks? I think so, but that’s where we’re at! If all the positive this contest accomplishes is that ONE player is able to get Moons and Zines dialed, then the contest will not have been in vain. I assure you that knowing those tricks is more valuable than all of the prizes we could offer you lumped together.


I just got it. Now to get it on video.

Ooh think this is easier than round 2.

I love shoot the moons!

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I need to go learn shoot the moon! I’ve only got tomorrow to learn and film. Family coming in and work leaves no time this week(end). Was hoping for something like kick flips for round 3 because of that ;D

Well, 12 years of yo-yoing…suppose it’s about time I learned shoot the moon :stuck_out_tongue:

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It keep flying forward, not up.

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Got this. :slight_smile:

here is my reuploaded video with the guts of the yoyo, I think I fixed the zing regen at the end, but if I didn’t, tell me asap

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I can blame the wind, but this took me a couple minutes to get clean on camera.

Mr. Rusty needs some polish.

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This is, if I had entered, where I will have gone out. I can not, to save my life, do Shoot the Moons.

What yoyo were you using here?

Looks like I did 4-5… I obviously can’t count.

Ed, please let me know if this is ok; I figured it might be alright but if it isn’t I’ll get exactly three!

Someone  :slight_smile:

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I can help… once this round is over hahahaha ;D (evil laugh)

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I need to see the yoyo up close and your Makin Da Zines exit isn’t exactly right. Take another look at it.

Having trouble viewing on my phone right now, but if the only issue is a couple extra moons I don’t care. Must show at least 3.

Ok thanks Ed.

(Expletive deleted!) Me and Hello Kitty need to do some practicing.

I’m right there with you. Just had a break and took my No Jive outside. Can get 1 Shoot the Moon and after that everything falls apart. Going to try with my Butterfly (something lighter) when I get home later.

To bad I just got done filming ;D

It’s on Logi! :smiley: