fishy antics from dingo54

So i know dingo54 had 69 good feedback but he also has 1 bad feedback that said he scammed somebody out of something. Now i didnt see this until after we did the deal of $140 for 2 ministars and a 5 star. So i payed the $140 last thursday and he said that he was a little busy that day so he was going to ship friday so i said okay. The next day i asked him probably around 1 if he had shipped and if he did to send me the tracking number, he responded to me saying that he was going to ship a little bit later that day because he was going to go home and see his mom for a little while before he went away for the weekend. i told him that was fine but to just make sure he shipped it that day and he said okay. so later that day i asked if he had shipped while he was online but i got no answer. then on saturday i got a little suspicious because i sent him a few PM’s asking the usual thing of if he had sent and if i could get the tracking but throughout the day i didnt get a reply. so then on sunday i started to PM him more until he finally responded saying sorry that he had been camping all weekend and that he would ask his mom if she shipped it which was bad because now he is changing his story from him shipping it friday to now that he didnt know if his mom shipped it. so today i was supposed to get the package because if he had shipped it on friday it would have been mostly because he is a state away and it dosent take more than 3 days to get here but i didnt get it. So i pleaded to him to please just ship the package and he said “I’m not ripping you off the package is gone so I’m assuming she sent it or else it’s in her car and will be sent soon.” i am hoping that he is being truthful and that i will get my package but this whole deal with him not shipping it the day he said he did and then come to find out he had to ask his mom if she did is just really shady to me and i am afraid that i have been scammed for over $140 now :-[

If he gave you a tracking number why not just check that? The deals a bit ridiculous though to be true

well he didnt send me a tracking number because i found out yesterday that he didnt send… and whats ridiculous about it?

I went threw this same nonsense with Dingo about 2 months ago. He didn’t ship till after I filed a Paypal dispute. Took me about 4 weeks to get my items, and I had to resend payment because Paypal refunded me.

Same thing with me! He told me the same story about how he was going camping on the weekend then said he wasn’t sure if his mom shipped the package or not…but I did get the package in the end. It is a little weird though, I mean who goes camping every weekend? :-\

I think he was saying that the deal is a bit ridiculous. 2 ministars and 5 star for $140 dollars is a crazily low price.

I know a lot of people who do actually, including myself! Some people own cabins at the river or something like that and go every weekend.

I’ve dealt with Dingo before, and he took a while but he was legit. I wouldn’t be worried if i were you. If it goes another week or so without any messages from him i might file a paypal dispute.

Just a heads up, this thread was started a year ago. :-\

oops :-[

Thanks TA

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