First throw for 10 year old niece


I’m looking to buy my niece her first yoyo. After looking at some other posts, I was going to get her the breast cancer awareness yyj classic, but it is now sold out. Anyone know if they will be making more? I liked the cheap upgrade bearing included, and the color can’t be beat for her.


Hmm I know there’s a few other pink yoyos out there.

(Cerulean) #3

if you have one of those thin YYF bearings you could get her a whip and replace the bearing until she can bind


Hello Kitty XT!!!


Red velocity or pink whip.


I would say go for a blue classic (because that seems to be the new pink these days) plus a classic is and awesome Yoyo and I wish I knew about it when I was learning it’s and its an AWESOME Yoyo in just plain old general.


How about you check out the One. I just bought it for my friend and he is doing great. I buy it for anyone that wants to learn and they get pretty far. And you can pop out the caps and draw something on the cardboard caps (paper, I don’t know what the newfangled thingamajigers are, I have a first run)


First run is so much better! The new ones are too light and you can’t pop the caps.

(velez_adrian) #9

Other Classics, there such a good yoyo and the color doesn’t really matter


I popped the caps out of my friends One. But I agree, very light.


I decided to go with a red/blue classic. It seems to be a highly regarded starter on the forum. I might even have to try it out a few times before she gets a hold of it. I’m sure it will last her longer than my fast 201 lasted me when I started (like 3 days).


I second this