First release from Lathed Back Design - The titanium BANGARANG!

Lathed Back Design is a new Canadian company run by a husband/wife duo creating some amazing skill toys and return tops. This is their first yoyo release - The Bangarang!

The Bangarang is a mini titanium yoyo designed to utilize titanium to its maximum potential. It may be pocket friendly, but don’t let it’s size fool you - It packs a punch like no other! Take it everywhere, anytime and play how you want with it’s three included bearing options allowing for fixed axle (bearing blank), semi responsive (narrow bearing) and and full modern unresponsive play (centering bearing). Simply swap in the appropriate bearing, all packed into the fun Boom Box package, and you’re ready to throw in whatever style you prefer. The packaging even includes a size A bearing removal tool!

The Bangarang also comes with one set of 3d printed rims that take this mini titanium throw to a full sized sized performer. That’s 6 play options out of the box and with more coming for expansion down the line in our “OST Module” which will feature press on titanium rims so you can spark or customize your bangarang and add a little more punch to your liking!

This is truly the all in wonder - From a powerful pocket mini all the way up to a capable powerful full size yoyo. All designed, tested, and finished in house one by one. We specialize in titanium anodizing and strive to bring you the best of our creative mind while ringing tones of nostalgia. For those that 3D print we will make the STL files available for the rims so you can play around, there is no limits!

Releasing Friday 11/19 @ 8PM EST.


They are amazing.

I love mine for ultimate pocket carry.


One day. I will have this beauty. It will be glorious.


I couldn’t wait till drop time so i bought the last one on their site lol



Doing some making myself in a completely different field. (Steel, not titanium) and owning a Bangarang from you. They’re worth Every. Single. Penny. The anodising is the coolest Ti I’ve ever held in my hands. The finish on the throw is excellent and amazing. And it plays REALLY well. It’s my #1 pocket yoyo by far simply because of it’s size and performance.

You did an exceptional job.


Yeah - so sorry about the pricing mix up. When the page got built it had some placeholder prices - and apparently even though we fixed them it got re-over written at some point (but Joel thankfully caught it immediately and we fixed it right after the drop). Total mistake on our end!

I will say in regard to titanium anodizing - there has not been many titanium anodized yoyos with a splash pattern - this is only the 2nd or 3rd we have really sold in titanium specifically and the amount of variety and colors is impressive. I really do think Bangarang is a pretty special yoyo!


Custom printed “boom box” looks awesome. The whole concept, design, and presentation look great to me. Fun and innovative idea.

Happy Yoyo


Alright here we go. As I mentioned myself and my wife have developed our process for quite a while now, our tricks are unique to us and you won’t find ano like it anywhere else, our intention. In direct response to your selections:

Fractured Royalty and Rippled Cobalt feature a raw layer sectioned of with a special masking agent to create a highlight outline providing depth to the transition, while using a standard mask on the following colour layer. We use this same technique on Stardust.

Spike is perfect :ok_hand:

Plot Twist is not a smudge in the picture, we call this finish “pastel”. You are correct the cup is heavily etched but with some sauce for the pink and yellow. The metalic blue trails and dots in the cup shine metalic royal blue set against a background of pastel gold and pink as if it were two effortless marks with a relief on metal.

The Blue Rasberry Cola have hidden bubbles and swirles between the colours to give depth while trying to achieve an effect of sods pop. Even down to a splash for that bright shine from your drink on a summers day.

We put our heart and soul into our work, its not like any other but it is ours. Cheers :beers:


Congrats @Lathed_Back_Joel on your first release at YYE! It is nice to see another Canadian ‘return top’ company out there. Keep it up!


This thing is pure fire! It plays great with or without the rims. It is, hands down, the best performing (stable, good spin time, feel during play, etc.) mini yoyo I have ever played, and I have owned many. It’s spendy, but it’s built right, especially the bearing seat, which is critically important, imo. The anodizing is also gorgeous and innovative.

I seriously can’t recommend the Bangarang enough, and it’s the yoyo I play most these days.


Happy cake day @YoYoExpertGarrett!


This thread has been thoroughly cleaned because there was a lot of negativity that just got out of control and emotions were high.

Let’s please be respectful to each other from here on out in this thread. There are some really neat and unique ideas with this new design and let’s focus on that rather thank picking on minor details. If there is a question about process that is fine but anymore direct comments meant to be directly negative or bickering will be deleted.


Very nice work on these :slight_smile: spike is absolutely perfect. Hope to find one in my collection eventually when the budget allows for Ti.

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I’m really enjoying mine. Using it with the rims today. One thing that I wish was better was fingergrinds…the rougher texture of the printed rims combined with the low mass of the throw slows it down a LOT. One of the most recent tricks I learned is calypso. Where two finger grind “hops” are included.
With the printed rims it slows down so much on the first hop that attempting the second one kills the speed completely.

So I heard Titanium click on rims might be in the works…if so…can’t wait for those.

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Would there be some sort of buffer material between the titanium rims and the titanium body? Otherwise I think there’d be risk of the rims fusing with the body for the same reason titanium axles aren’t used with titanium throws.


If they’re made the same way the printed rims are right now then there’d be an O-ring + the layer of anodisation. The outisde of the yoyo is not raw titanium. So there should be little risk of bonding.


Mine should be here today, I’ve been following the development of this yoyo on @Lathed_Back_Joel’s instagram since it started. I’m really excited to try it!


It’s a really fun lightweight throw. After using it with rims most of the day yesterday my other yoyo’s kind of felt like a brick on a string.


Its extremely fun with the rims. He also has a pack of more rims avail on his site. Some glow in the dark ones.