first israelian yoyo contest!


this is me at the first contest in israel
i was so nervus, but i think it was ok
do you have comment about the preformene?


Awesome job I like what i see! On a side note this gives me another reason to go to israel now cause

  1. I have always wanted to go

  2. The dead sea is there one of the coolest places to see IMO

  3. My dad is Jewish and my grandparents go there every other year and they always say it’s amazing

  4. I have 2nd and 3rd cousins there

and now the next reason why that I want to
5. they have a Yoyo contest so now I want to go eve more.


You did a great job, but, you were concentrating so hard on doing a good job that you did not look like you were having fun. I and not a good yo yoer and I never will be, but I do excel else ware and I learned that the more I enjoy what I am doing the better I do it and the happier I look.
Also, being Jewish I enjoy seeing fun events happening in Israel.


Cool dude


Great job!
It’s nice to see more and more yoyo scenes all around the world


Awesome freestyle. Great job.


You did a great job! I would try shortening you string though make it look smoother


everyone told me that i was too focused on the yoyo and i didnt preforme.
and it was funny that my friends used yoyos like barracude and i use shutter(i dont think its a bad yoyo but it is cheap so everyone says it is bad choise)


Never heard anyone say that


considering the fact it won the national yoyo contest it should be a great choice.


It was pretty good you have nice skills. I would try to improve on some of those parts where you slowed down. Just try to smooth them out and develop your talent more. I can tell that if you keep practicing you can be one of the best, and you certainly did way better than I would have done.