First Impressions of the ND Ultra

First of all the colors of the ND seem a bit more classy looking instead of bright and cheap. Yes, they are only solids now but the pink is a new level from YYF and maybe the 7068 Al makes it such. lots of the YYF pink throws this year look great in person.

I’ve thrown over 200 yoyo’s, this is the BEST grind surface I have ever felt, period. The balance while on a finger grind is also the best I’ve felt. It has no IRG, most don’t care. Mine is dead smooth out of the box. It is by far the fastest most agile yoyo of it’s size I have ever thrown, you really can’t believe the speed of this thing when pushed and change in direction is solid and immediate.

So, 7068 Aluminum Yoyos until now never really impressed me, they felt hard and a bit jarring at time on the string. This time the material has been utilized perfectly. The stability, which I am the most picky about, is out of sight, spin times are very good, I wouldn’t call it a spin time beast tho. The massive catch zone is crazy forgiving, there is zero string interaction with side walls and response, funny because the few rejections I do are still perfectly predictable and quick. I know the word “Floaty” makes some shiver… but I know perfectly well what floaty feels like, though it’s light, I would never imaging anyone would call this thing floaty.

As yoyos get larger, wider and lighter, I really believe this particular throw is a defining start of a new era of yoyo design, in the sense that the progression has been “trending” in a certain direction and with a unapologetic extreme slap in the face, is saying the future of the modern yoyo design is here.

Closest yoyo I’ve felt to the performance of the ND is the 5000Qv with Ultralites.


Great writeup!