First Impression: Yoyofactory Tactic (BAC 2010 edition B-Grade)

I got my Yoyofactory Tactic in the mail today (thank you to elnooch07 for selling me it!) and I’m not going to do a full review yet, I’m just going to do my first impression of the yoyo. When I first saw it, the first thought that came to my mind was “Holy crap that’s small, it will never play well”. On my first throw, I changed my mind. This yoyo is SMOOTH. Both the spin and the finish (grinds are amazing). The gap is big, it fits well in your hand, and so far it’s a great yoyo! Later I will do a full review but for now I’m just going to play with it.


I know my tactic rocks

Yes I agree completly.
Tactics rule.
I picked up the Blue Acid version, and it looks like the Na’vi from Avatar!