first few test strings for digital strands are a success

Did my first test run on string and it was a really good outcome. I am very pleased with How they turned out. I did test string on some mini string for the yoyos on the mini end. Played great in my popstar. Much better than standard bulk ever did. Then I did a mix blend and a solid of some slick six and both were a grand success. I then made some thicker slick 8. That played great for both responsive and good with looping. like I said I am please with How they turned out. the Tension is amazing

Once I am finished with my rig I Will be looking for testers. Let me know If any of you will be interested message me and I will send you a couple of the type you wish to test. There will be No mail chargers.

Hope you all enjoy. And if you have any Comments , suggestions and recommendations I will be more than appreciative.

Thanks guys.

Would be curious to see how it works in my Aoda Littles. Love that yoyo. Use Kitty Slim in it but something a touch thinner would be nice.

I can make two different thin strings to get a good test in what would be good. I should be able to make some to get it out this week. Pm me and I will get info from ya