First edit.

I have been playing for one week! Feedback would be great!

that’s great for only a week! just one thing if you didn’t learn some basic tricks like sidewinder, loops, UFO, pop the clutch I would go back and learn those ( im just guessing you might have skipped over those since you have only been yo-yoing a week and are already doing double or nothing and lots of people do skip over them) Learning those will help you a lot latter on. If you did learn them then that’s awesome and you are a really fast learner! good luck

What yoyo is that?

That’s amazing for one week! Later on you should work on strengthening your throw, but that’s all I can say.

1 week… It took me a long time to get the 1 1/2 mount. You are a natural!

Not bad for one week… BTW what yoyo is that?

Thanks everyone! And I did learn those tricks. I pretty much just worked my way through the “learn” section on this website! And it is a yyf ONEstar.

Really good for the first week. Keep it up!

Yo! The video was really good! And for one week, maaan; you’ve got potential. Stick with it.

I must admit 1 week for your skill is good. If i had to guess without knowing, i’d sy you’d been yoyoing for at least 1 month. Suggestions: improve your breakaway.

Really good for only a week man! Seriously. Keep it up.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: … So a lot of you told me to improve my breakaway. What should I do differently? Just throw harder?

Try and make it straight. Just practice lining up your hand.