11 Months Yo-Yo Video


I just uploaded my 11 months yo-yo video. If you see anything I should improve on, then please let me know, so I can improve it.
Here it is:



Pretty solid tricks you got there. I suggest that you do less of the swaying motion when you throw a breakaway/sleeper. Just throw and go straight to the trick :slight_smile:


i first of all think you need more practice. Try and learn new tricks. It doesn’t seem like you have been doing this for 11 months. work on throwing. throw it faster. keep up the good work though!


Ok, thank you for the advice, everybody. I will now be working on going straight into the trick from a breakaway, and I will start learning new tricks.
Thank you,


pretty good! but the main problem that makes it not injoyable is the throw, you need a swaying motion and need to get straight to the trick instead of chucking it down, swaying and going to the tricks


If you’re noy gonna go right into the trick do a couple of world tours at least