first competition yoyo for freind


My friend wants a pretty good competition yoyo. he’s only had a whip and i told him to step up a bit before you get a competition. BUT HE’S not backing down. aNy cheap yoyos you could think of for him?


C3 Capless, Onedrop Code 2.


Capless would be perfect it sounds.


Depends what you consider cheap. Depends what you want to spend.

Worlds was won in 2010 with a Northstar. That and the Protostar are often seen in competitions for 1A. I saw them at Nationals, BAC and CalStates.

I’m starting to see the Classic showing up. No doubt they are using wider bearings and doing something with the response pads.

Jayyo has a history of using inexpensive yoyos to prove “it’s the player, not the gear”. He was regularly seen using PSG’s for 5A and 3A, but that changed after his sponsorship with Madhouse. All I can say is “Good for you, Josh!” For what? Both. For proving you don’t need high ticket stuff to throw it down serious, and for getting a sponsorship he deserved.

Didn’t the Worlds 5A get won with a Lyn Fury? Didn’t JD take Regionals, Nationals and Worlds with a Hitman? We’re talking wins recent enough to not be considered “dsistant memories” but are before my time of getting into this.

Trigger sure feels competition grade to me.

The Destiny won 5A in 2011? Under $60, right?

Ben Conde is kicking butt and taking names with his $30 signature Go Big, and Bryan Figueroa is taking titles with a $22 Fiesta XX, INCLUDING a 2nd place finish at Worlds. 2A throws generally aren’t going to break the bank for pairs, and Joseph Harris came in 2nd at Nationals with the Unleashed. I don’t know what YYF Ben was using at Nationals, but he put on one of the more entertaining 2A performances I’ve seen with whatever he was using, probably the YYF Loop 1080’s.

Now, if you want to talk metals, well, there’s so many. The DiBase is one I have, and I may get a Capless soon. C3YoYoDesign’s stuff can get pricy, but there’s reasons behind that. It’s good stuff. RecRev has insane prices on their Facade and Freq.Wave, where are clearly performance monsters. The Freq. Wave seems more oriented to destroy anything in its path. One Drop has the Burnside, which despite not having side effects(which keeps the price down), it’s all competitor, no shortcuts taken there.

There’s plenty of others. I’ve seen people compete with dv888’s and other “common” throws. It truly IS the player, not the yoyo. Even so, you also don’t gotta pay a C-note every time you want a competition grade yoyo.

So, if you wan to go plastic, and assuming 1A:
Trigger or Protostar will provide your best value. Northstar can be considered as well.

If you want to go metal, while opinions vary, I’m gonna take a stand and say Freq.Wave by RecRev offers amazing performance at a price that will just make your brain twist trying to figure out how that much amazing costs that little money. What, aren’t these around $72 or something like that? However, don’t ignore the people saying Capless, I just haven’t tried one so I won’t say anything yet. I do have a DiBase and I’d have no issue with that either. For $55, the DiBase holds its own with stuff twice the price.


Well, Worlds was won with a Northstar in 2010 so…



For first-time competitors, I’d say get something cheap but good so you could have multiple backups…

Like a MagicYoYo T5.

Or you could just get multiple YYR throws if you want.

(SR) #7

Tell this kid to get a ProtoStar/NorthStar. It’s the best yoyo for the money. Seriously.




Protostar is the bomb , seriously. It’s cheap , efficent and really worth your pocket money .

If your friend want to use something a lil bit more high quality , he could use DM2 ,Speeder , Northstar if you like plastic or plastic metal rimmed .

or some of cheap metal yo i could think of is Yeah3 , Di base , Halo, Caples

All under 70$ except for the Yeah3 but still has an reasonable price . He could buy them multiple times to use in a competition