First Bi-Metal

I have already a quite large collection of yoyos, it’s time for a bimetal. I’ve narrowed the choices (reasons: price and the shop in my country).

I really don’t have a prefered style (don’t know if I’m saying it right in English), the yoyo should be a good all-rounder and FUN to play with. If one of this is solid in every aspect but has that boring feel when playing, then I’d prefer another one.

For reference, my favourite yoyos rn are the Terrarian (maybe because I love the game and it makes me kinda happy to throw the same yoyo in real life), Shutter and Dark Magic II (my first unresponsive yoyo)., in no particular order. Also I’m a tall girl with enormous and thin hands (big hands for men are enormous for women).

Please tell me if I’m not expressing myself correctly, it’s rather difficult for me to speak good English :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: added the Shift (very late into the poll, it should be the one with most upvotes).

You can try YYO Shift:) just 75USD

I really love my YYO Rave, but I haven’t played the others. I will vote “Rave” anyhow, because to me it is a very fun bi-metal. The round shape, the light (but not TOO light) feel… the incredible stability… these all contribute to a very “fun” feeling for me.

Yes. Get the Shift. Its very very good.

Shift is not available in the store I’m going to buy it, :’(

I’m really impatient to get the first bi-metal, that’s why I’ll buy this one in my local store. If it meets my expectations… You will see me here again with some larger budget XD

Is the YYO shift worth it or should I get a more expensive bimetal?

why not the shift? it’s available in reputable stores across the world (European and Asian stores carry them along with YoYoExpert!)

anyway, it is definitely worth it. super great yoyo and a super greater price.

I absolutely love my Shift! It’s light, fast, stable, and dead smooth.

']YoYoExpert mobile app[/URL]

Added the Shift to the poll, didn’t realise that because it is cheaper I can get it from another store with fast shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

To those telling me the Shift is so great, could you please tell me your feelings about it?

Also, has someone tried all of these?

I have used all of the yoyos, and I have to say by far I like the Shift best. The iYoyo yoyos are superb as well, and at the last of the list I would put the Rave. the rave is still good, mind you, it just isn’t my absolute favorite yoyo.

You definitely can’t go wrong with the Shift though! It’s been my daily yoyo since I first got it! It’s very fast playing and is fantastic for technical and horizontal tricks and handles speed very well.

the iYoyo steel handles horizontal well but it’s not quite as fast as the shift. the Firrox I inly used for a short time so I can’t comment much on it, all I know is that it was good but not fantastic.

Well, Shift has won! I’ll have to wait a little bit more for it, but I’m really excited

Thank you people!

I think I’ll get it black, and post a picture when it arrives

The poll clearly shows the Rave won :smiley:

I found it to be very stable, maintains spin time rather well, light and fast on the string. It’s a V shape but the edges are slightly rounded making it easier on the hands when catching. I’m not sure if you’ve played a Quash but it seems like the Shift is based off of the Quash, and feels like a supercharged Quash.

I added the Shift a lot later, if you read all the messages you’ll see Shift won

That’s basically what it is.

We were toying with the idea of either an Imp based bimetal or a Quash based.We went with a Quash based, but I’m getting a bit of Imp flavor there too.

Loving it!