Fireworks & YoYo


Hi Gang,

I had a cool backdrop last night and tried to take advantage of it. I sucked it up, but hey it is still cool because of the fireworks!


Honestly, I can’t say I am a big fan of consumer grade fireworks. Now, professional shows, I’m all for that. Those I tend to enjoy. Plus, you stick Disney fireworks into the mix, and well, I’m down! Although, Disney has been rocking the same holiday fireworks at Disneyland since 2006 that I’m aware of(just saw it again recently). I mean, I go annually. Their “tweaks” are too trivial. Still a good show.

Now you go and add yoyo tricks to it?

OMG! You magnificent (Slang term for child of unmarried parents)!

The only thing cooler would be to be able to do the performance in sync with the fireworks!


GarageBand Sound Effects?


The music bed was from iMovie the fireworks created their own popping and thought to add some music instead of just the fireworks popping for a little more energy. Maybe I should have just left it with just the fireworks creating their own noise.

I’m going to be up there again tonight DJ’ing so I might have to sneak out and try to get a better video this time, as that was pretty cool. Might win me a contest if I could actually land a trick or two lol.


I think you and I both have the same problem:

We’re trying to find yoyo breaks during our gigs.

It’s a nice problem to have!


I meant iMovie, I dont have a Mac, and I only use them at school, so I was close.