Disney involved in the Yoyo Community?


Hey, I’ve just noticed that Disney has been investing in the yoyo community. This includes them showing some YYF videos, and even Duncan having a partnership in Disney Parks.

I want to know what you guys think of this.
Good, bad?

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Disney also hosted IYYC. It looked like a pretty cool contest with some of the most talented players competing. I hope that this type of exposure to laypeople grows the hobby. Imagine if yoyoing became as popular as it is in japan in the US.

I think it’s good whether it catches on or not. These things happen slowly anyway, so it’s a great start.


Of course it’s good! Expose yoyoing to the masses. More money = more betta.


The only thing I’m hoping doesn’t happen is companies thinking more of quantity instead of quality in the future due to exposure. ^^"


Nah, there are more companies forming so there will be more quantity anyway.

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Disney isn’t investing in anything.

Duncan pays them a lot of money to be in their “Alliance Partnership” program, which entitles them to various benefits including retail space in Downtown Disney and preferred status for renting Disney venues for events.

DUNCAN is investing heavily in growing their business through an Alliance Partnership with Disney…but Disney isn’t investing in anything.

(The video stuff is just a content deal that one aspect of Disney maintains with thousands of content providers…they look for creator-owned content with high view rates and then pay the content creator to be able to re-broadcast it through Disney-branded channels. Cheaper than creating their own content.)


Oh okay. that makes more sense.

Though it’s still cool that they are involved.

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It’s cool, but Duncan deserves all the credit for this. They’re the ones doing the work, spending the money, and making it happen.


Totally, they are really working hard in the yoyo community.


Being in marketing, figured that…

Have worked with Disney, they rarely if ever pay for anything… then again, their brand is what carries them, so gotta give them that credit.

I’ve seen an uptick over the last couple of years on yo-yos, so perhaps we are seeing the beginning of the next big wave.


You know speaking of Disney, I find it funny Mr. Brown, that you were a technical adviser in Disney’s Lone Ranger movie.

Thanks for the insight on how the relationship between Disney and Duncan works! That’s pretty interesting stuff.


I have worked with Disney in the past on a number of software projects. Cheap does not begin to describe how they do business. :-X


YYF has done some stuff for Disney Motion, but I’m not sure whatever happened to that campaign. (Disney Motion.) I think it has been discontinued. Guess kids don’t want to get active after all. :smiley:


Just to you know, yo-yos aren’t actually allowed in the park. Last summer I went to Disneyland in Anaheim with my family, and my son was turned away at the bag check table for having a couple of yo-yos in his backpack.

How is that for involvement?


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Swinging things in crowded places usually isn’t a great idea. Complaints from non yoyoers about a possible safety issue most likely caused the change in policy.


I’ve been to WDW 20-30 times in the last 10 years (including April this year) and I’ve yo-yoed every single time, this year I used a Hubstack Afterglow in dark lines and it was awesome. I’ve had cast members stop to watch me, and never had an issue at security. I also yo-yoed at DLR a couple of years ago without issue, maybe you were just unlucky.


Exactly what I came here to say

Remember throwing my glow atomic cow hitman at space mountain and nobody cared


Also I doubt Disney would allow Duncan to have a cart selling yo-yos right outside (Downtown Disney in CA) but not allow them in the parks. Can you imagine the irate parents who just bought a yo-yo for their kid, but couldn’t enter the park with it?


I had a similar experience, especially with my family of four wearing our yoyoexpert.com shirts and doing our part to help out Andre. My son actually had cast members ask him to perform some tricks and it actually helped us get seats at one of the rides.

You’re probably right, it was just the one time, and we were probably just unlucky. (Maybe it had something to do with none of his yo-yos being Duncans ;)) Just wanted to let people know about what could happen.



yoyos are not technically allowed in the park, but I yoyo in line and everywhere else in the park ( I go there 3-4 times a week). I always pose with characters while doing yoyo tricks (they are usually amazed). I usually get a positive response from cast members.